Thank you for taking the time to read our Dealer Page. We would like to introduce ourselves and give you a little background about our collection.
In 1968 while on vacation with his parents, John went to see a movie in a small New Hampshire tourist hotel called Planet Of The Apes. Later that week after the movie run was over, he went back to the hotel and asked the manager if he could have the poster. The manager reached up on top of a wooden telephone booth in the lobby and handed him about 20 posters, including Planet Of The Apes.
What started as a film fan's desire to have the poster for a movie in 1968 turned into a collection that has grown throughout the years.
John and I recently moved to Virginia. While unpacking several boxes I came upon the posters. After all these years of collecting, we thought it was time to see what they might be worth.

Austin Powers - Goldmember


Elvis - The Movie


Dark Knight - Joker

I guess I am a natural researcher so it became my task to research movie posters online. It was through my research I found out authentic movie posters have a large following. The problem was the more we researched posters, the more posters we found we wanted.
As one and two posters a week turned into 30 or 40 a month, we decided we had caught the "Bug" and it was time to become dealers. Thinking perhaps others would want to enjoy our collection and that selling some of them would help purchase others, the  Wonderful World Of Movies website was born.

Gone With The Wind R-1969

We love the classic movie posters illustrated by famous artists such as Amsel, Peak, Davis, McGinnis, Tanenbalm and Struzan to name a few,  but our real passion has become recalled posters and advanced one sheets. We both love the challenge of researching posters in detail before we purchase. 
We take high resolution photos of all our posters because grading posters is such an un-exact science. We believe in letting you see the exact poster you are buying.
Many of our favorite posters are not shown on our website for sale. If you don't see a poster you want, or if you have posters you wish to sell, give us a call. 
We promise you personal service. If you email us or call, we will personally answer you. We take pride in our posters and we practice the first rule.. we buy posters we love.

2001: A Space Odyssey Star Child c 1970

Please visit our website and feel free to comment on what you see. We enjoy talking to fellow collectors.
Linda & John
(781) 982-1319

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